30 December 2005

Charlie Bauer's "Universe" of lies:

Suspended Jaffrey NH Police Chief Dunn's attorney, Charlie Bauer has moved for Default Judgment against me for late discovery. Too bad I've been busy deciphering his realm of lies to respond in time, but I am curing that and will notice the Court of such fact later today. In Law, two things are axiomatic:
1) Cases must be heard on the merits unless there is contumacious activity on the part of a litigant(s);
2) A party moving for Judgment may not come with dirty hands. Bauer's hands are substantially stained, and here's why:

In a hearing after the court denied my subpoena for Attorney Bauer's emails between the two of us (and to remove him as counsel as a material witness) he stood up, on his own free will, and said to future New Hampshire Supreme Court Justice Gary E. Hicks, after producing a handful of Mickey-Mouse 'hi-how are you' emails:
"That's the Universe, your Honor."

That is a lie. Since that time Plaintiff has been rumaging through his emails (I do not use MS Outlook, as Attorney Bauer no doubt uses at work) so it takes a while (I had several email accounts) but here are some of the clearly relevant emails I have found that implicate not only Attorney Bauer but his client:

One. Two. Three.

And I bet I can find some more. And when I finish, I'm going to send them all to the Bar Association with this blawg entry for his unbridled lies and failure to adhere to the "candor toward the tribunal" Ethical Canons, Rules and Responsibilities. That will fit into the documentary quite nicely, as will the NAACP's 20 Jan email to me -- well after the 4 January correspondence with Chief Dunn, noting that Defendant Timmons thought that there "might not be any grounds to remove you," and that "You have been a go-getter right from the start," and "Everyone loves and support you."

Now back to my Memorandum Contra (1) & (2) single space version.

PS: I wonder if Attorney Bauer still wants the Court to read this blawg? Well it will, because this entry with attachments will be submitted later today.


Anonymous said...

Is the sky blue in your world?

Christopher King said...

Actually it is a touch overcast with rays of sunshine. With any luck those rays will illuminate the lies that have been told by Charlie Bauer his posse.

Meanwhile I just spoke with my lead criminal defense attorney about suspended Police Chief Dunn, he just spoke with Prosecutor Albrecht, and we will wait to see what sort of exculpatory evidence may issue forth relevant to Chief Dunn, pursuant to State v. Laurie, 139 N.H. 325 (1995); and Superior Court Rule 98.

I've said all along he was aliar so we'll have to see w'happens.

Would be a nice day to ride the bike, but alas it is not with me right now :)