09 December 2005

Black Man White Media; a WMUR symposium:

Stay tuned tomorrow for details about an upcoming event King is planning for WMUR and its attorneys, wherein they will discuss, in open forum, his contention that his staff should be permitted the same access to courtrooms as they are. From Petition of WMUR No. 2001-0181:
"We conclude that media access to judicial proceedings includes the technological advances applicable to the media profession. In the twenty-five years since we adopted Superior Court Rule 78, the common law has advanced to treat technology such as cameras as important in the reporting of public courtroom proceedings. To the extent that Superior Court Rule 78 conflicts with this reality, it is no longer valid."
King says he'll take them on by himself and welcome any questions from.... the media. All media.

Says King, "I'm the one accused (of Attempted Extortion) in the underlying criminal case, yet they are the ones trying to keep things hushed, from Depo. transcripts to cameras in the courtroom. That right there ought to tell you something."


matao said...

This whole thing intrigues me immensely. Is there a post hiding in your archives somewhere that gives a bit more background info?

Christopher King said...

You bet. Follow the instructions to go back to Day One of my blawg. I am going to launch "Blawg Yachtzee" today, but will be loading the dice to explain the more essential posts first. After that people can just write in and give me a number, or request explanation for any given post. I think I'm close to 300 so it should be a hoot.

Spread the word. Let's start a real revolution this time.


Anonymous said...

Dude, not goofing you, but the picture reminds me of Mr. Rourke welcoming the guests to Fantasy Island. Pretty good picture, though.

Weird story. I bet Mother Ann would have take Ms. Rosa.

Christopher King said...

Are you implying that my life is anything other than fantasy or fantastic!!!???

Oh, no doubt Mother Ann was the Best. Oh, that voice, that laugh, those stories and those pies; simply a sublime individual.

As she told me: "Keep on keepin' on, Son."