02 November 2005

Stalking: King a Winner; Timmons/Dunn/Ayotte/NAACP a Loser

Don't forget the audio of the hearing at the website, "Stalking Trial," and also my 29 October post:"Closing Argument of an American." As I told Gloria many months ago in an email I'll reproduce later: "This is the First Amendment. Now you're on my turf, and I can make some serious cuts on it."

Just wait until you see what we do with the audio from that hearing and the video we've got in the can from here and in Columbus, Ohio Courtrooms, School Board and Council chambers from the 1990's. As I also told Gloria and will tell the whole Free World: The only place I'm gonna 'get Medieval on your ass' is right here on the Internet, and on big and little screens and DVDs all across the World.

Plus, it's not gonna' look too good for the Criminal Prosecution or in the Civil Case, as it bolsters my Malicious Prosecution claims for them bringing the Jaffrey criminal case, in which I ought prevail. Further, this "Stalking" nonsense creates an entirely new Cause of Action for Malicious Prosecution, or I may fold it over into the pending Civil Action which already has a Malicious Prosecution component. Got it? Any questions just email me at christopherkingesq@yahoo.com.

And let's not even get to the lies I can show she told at her Deposition.

A victory for the First Amendment, as per Falwell v. Hustler, 485 U.S. 46 (1988).

So here's the Final Decree: 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 6 & 7.

PS: I wonder who's paying the NAACP's legal fees? We had a Deposition yesterday but I still don't know. Whether that's because I forgot to ask or whether that's because her lawyers and a Jaffrey Police lawyer instructed her not to answer will become clear later. Remember: My Civil Complaint against them alleges First Amendment Conspiracy to hush me by copping a bogus Indictment for Attempted Felony Extortion.

PPS: We will show that the NAACP's moves in my case are exactly parallel to those of "Babylon Energy" after I ratted them out to the Department of Labor and they fired me and other co-workers who supported me (white and black), only to wind up facing a $300K DOL fine, several monetary settlements and untold legal fees. The irony, of course, is that I went to Boston NAACP President Lenny Alkins to ask for help -- even a show of support -- in that case, but they never did a thing -- except refer me to Nashua NAACP to volunteer, which is how I wound up in this mess in the First Place. I've got the email from Lenny on that, and both he and New England Area Conference President Juan Cofield may expect a Deposition Subpoena from me shortly. Life a trip, right? But it's All Good.

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