16 November 2005

New movie is up; King is still professional............. Wins 2nd Motion hearing: Bail Revocation

The new short film is up, and it is awesome. I do not directly mention this email that should have been forwarded by Attorney Albrecht long ago pursuant to Rule 98. Any reader of this blawg can clearly see that I walk the ladder of abstraction with relative ease and aplomb. I'm a Nice Guy; intelligent and with integrity. We will see that, and next week see me running to court in "A Day in Nashua II" at 3:55:58 p.m. today to file Defendant Timmmons' Deposition; petting puppy dogs along the way and engendering much grass roots support from several well-respected Nashua business owners who lavish me with mad support. Y'all know who you are, so take a bow :)

Curiously, the Court and many others want to know "who's funding this?" I said "several people." Funny thing, I still want to know who is funding NAACP/Timmons/Levesque's legal fees, as I inquired on p.13 of the Depo. I think it's Jaffrey PD, which obviously may be probative in my 42 U.S.C. 1983 Conspiracy case, especially the way they copped the Indictment the instant I opened my blawg on 18 June, 2005. There will be a Motion on this coming soon. Here's another blogger's opinion as reproduced verbatim on this blawg months ago, on (22 June.)


PS: For King's prior victory in another NAACP-related case involving a TRO, see (2 Nov.); and for my First Amendment battles i.e. 6-0 now, see (3 Nov.)

PPS1: I now have received Prosecutor Albrecht's oral request that I stop blogging about this case and Attorney Bauer's (Dunn's attorney) written request that I not post up Depo. testimony. Why hide the truth, I wonder? Is it because an Ordinary Man now has control over the media, as opposed to getting what is force-fed to us from WMUR; who is represented by Timmons/Levesque's/NAACP's lawyers? See 22 Sept.

PPS2: In losing his Motion yesterday, Prosecutor Albrecht made specific point to read the following passage with venom in his voice, as if I don't have a right to enjoy myself at all while subject to his ill-gotten indictment; as if I should cower in a hole like Saddam Hussein and be scared. Well frankly I am scared of people like him and Chief Dunn, but I'm not going to let them run my life. Read this fellow blogger's comments from "Crime & Federalism" on 2 July 2005. I will follow the court's decisions and move forward.

8 June:

Folks have been incorrectly and unfairly riding me for ethics for years, but you can best believe I am highly ethical. I gotta go ride my motorbike, play some tennis & finish production on my movie. Peace.

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