18 November 2005

More hate mail

No time to scan it before Dunn's Depo. It is nasty. How am I supposed to be able to counteract the type of shit I get in my mailbox at home if I can't even post up sworn deposition testimony, I wonder. Is my foreign correspondent (see below) correct?

No justice, no peace.

Dunn and Bauer think this letter is funny, as noted early on in the Depo. Transcript, yet Dunn testified that my blawg is "despicable." But you can't have it both ways, dude. Is he now showing his true colors, or what? They just hate that loss of control that they take so much for granted that they can't see through the red mist of hatred. It's sad. It's pathetic, actually, and I almost want to feel sorry for them but I just can't -- as I'm being selfish because it's my ass they are lying about. I will try to be more compassionate in the future, though. I always do my best.

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