26 November 2005

Live American Tower comments to Woburn Police:

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Ummm, yeah folks this is again cinema verite at its best, to go along with the new "Background" and American Tower I & II movies: Months ago we re-enacted the termination using this audio and had interviews with actors playing employees, using sworn depo. testimony. We politely removed it from the website & blawg pursuant to mutual agreement in July '05. But now people operating under the direct or indirect auspices of these deceitful, hateful creeps and some of their buddies are engaged in lying to someone who has the authority to get me indicted, so we're gonna put the whole damn thing back up; show the facts in my life as my attorneys, some Boston City Council managers and I see them -- since they want to put my life on trial, I'll match them dollar for dollar; head to head. The re-enactment and interviews comprise American Tower I and II.

PS: Look at the success story these poseurs have running in the Boston Globe since they got rid of my case, other cases & all the related fallout and acquired SpectraSite -- and yet I'm allegedly the "scoundrel," as VP Jody Mitchell says to the cops? Yeah, right. Employees on the inside update me and they say the company did indeed change its ways. So really, ATC and its shareholders should be glad I came around, no?

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