02 November 2005

King: Hero, Young American or Dissident?

O.K. so here's the criminal trial testimony that will occur since I whupped NAACP and Gloria Timmons on that "Stalking" Petition:

Atty. Horan or Wilson: "Ms. Timmons, you just want King to shut up, right?"
Timmons: "No, that's not it....."
"Well you filed a Stalking Petition on him, just as "Babylon Energy" did, and you failed to appear first, it was dismissed, then you filed another one -- and you lost that puppy, right..... same way they got smoked by the Department of Labor."
"No, it's not whatever. It's Mr. King's life, honey. The Court ruled you were not under any reasonable fear that your life was in danger and you know that, right?"
"What does 'danger' mean? Too many syllables..... I don't know the meaning of metaphor, simile or parody, like I done tole Mr. King at the Stalking hearing I done lost my ass at."
"Dat Nigga' be knowin' his A-B-C's & some serious 1st Amendment Law, don't he?"
"Withdrawn. Ms. Timmons, is Mr. King a dissident? Oh, forgot you don't know what the hell that means, either. Next witness your Honor."

That's not really Attorney Horan's or Wilson's style, nor was it mine in the First Amendment trials that I won. But it's my steeezo here on this blawg, and it's Constitutionally-protected, 24/7.


PS: All this attention on me; easy to forget what happened to Willie Toney, dammit....... and to think Gloria said I did all of this for fame, right,as I approach the onset of my Golden Years. Pshaw.

PPS: Met a nice young lady tonight from Jaffrey with her friend, also familiar with the area and I says to the lady, I says: "I'm under felony indictment for going after the Jaffrey Police." "Good for you," she says.


Anonymous said...

your lady friend from jaffrey's right - between the catholic church and the police department you really gotta watch your ass up here, if you know what I mean.

Christopher King said...

Word. You gotta watch yer step on Bloomberg's New York City now, too. It's going on everywhere.


Christopher King said...

Wow, I can't believe I missed the double entendre.