27 November 2005

Full circle: Take me to court!

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Two Black men with tennis rackets I love. Arthur Ashe, '78? RIP and my Dad, whom the NAACP referral attorneys (and Bush toady and recess Labor appointee Peter Kirsanow) totally screwed, circa 1992. "Take me to court," he says. Well that's what I say to ATC because their (mis)representations to Chief Dunn -- apparently issued just off just several phone calls and without any subpoena (to hell with the "confidentiality" of my settlement agreement with ACT then, right?) -- led him to believe he could use ATC's comments about me as other acts or character evidence in the bogus extortion case pending in Cheshire County.

Read this letter to one of their attorneys from 13 August 2005: (1) & (2) & (3) .

My recollection of the Depo. testimony is that when I queried Chief Dunn, on what he knew of my "accomplishments" as of 8 March about which I have "fantasies," & (2) he testified all about my alleged transgressions against a Caucasian female manager (superior in post to me) that never even came up until well after I was fired for demanding overtime pay and "threatening" to expose ATC to regulatory agencies -- I'll retrieve a copy of overtime email to management and the letter I wrote to Chairman Steve Dodge later today. Problem is, I recall him saying that they didn't inform him of her managerial status or the post hoc nature of the charges or about any spoliated email issues in which I issued a sworn affidavit that she wrote me sexually-explicit emails at work; requested that they maintain the emails and then they didn't -- and somehow avoided sanction despite the Court's ORDER that they were to provide these emails. It's all in the file, Mass Dist. 03-CV-10904, Scott A.Lathrop, Esq. as my counsel of record. And listen to the audio below from when they called the Woburn Police because of my "threats," -- ironically -- of exposure of a different sort. Corporate exposure, folks. What a bunch of scumbags. It's actionable and I will sue ATC and subpoena them in the criminal case. Lead pipe cinch.

Doesn't this militate in favor of full disclosure of the Depos so that the public can get the accurate picture of things? After all, they started this with a rather public display that is still viewable on WMUR -- the communications behemoth that is represented by NAACP's attorneys Orr & Reno, BTW. Honk once if you think the transcripts should be available online, or twice if you don't, for some reason. Orr & Reno and Chief Dunn please don't vote more than once.

Ironic the very first blog"Why a First Amendment Blog?" on 18 June 2005 relates to my Dad -- seen above in 1992 swinging a tennis racket in our living room, challenging me to a friendly (well, sort of) match.
Now, however, because of their nefarious ways, I've got Tony Montana figuratively shooting the guts out of American Tower.

Dad learned to play this game of privilege in the late '70's when he was almost my age now.
Tennis: It's a lifetime sport.

PS: As to my very first blawg: I was right about sneak & peek/Patriot Act: They repealed that crap. Look here in the 16 June 2005 Christian Science Monitor.


Anonymous said...

Why would American Tower want to take you to court? On what grounds would they take you to court? Are the funds have to be running low? All this court time. Are you losing confidence in winning an award on you current case with the NAACP and Jaffrey cops?

Hang in there, Chris.

Christopher King said...

They may claim that I violated the provisions of the settlement agreement by discussing things here in open forum. I will argue that I was fraudulently-induced into signing that agreement because they knew that they had lied to Chief Dunn about something so material as to potentially get me imprisoned. And G-d knows they had motive and opportunity, right? They hate me, falsely say they don't know me and that I'm a scoundrel. Listen to the Police calls on the post below. Unreal but so real.

Funding is always tough but look what we've done so far on a tight budget. Made the Cheshire Court so curious that it inquired "who's funding this." Got that on video.

We're assembling our package with the 5-unit DVD and media statement from my film maker and our producer, and I bet soon enough someone viewing this blawg will start finding some money for this project, too. It really has reached that point.

Sure I would like to win an award or settle my case with NAACP/Jaffrey but they have steadfastly refused any offers I've made without comment or any counteroffer. So I'm all about exposure now. So this is their choice, not mine.

I'll hang in there my Brother. No Justice, no Peace.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

During your time in Ohio, was there ever a sanction levied against you for filing a frivolous lawsuit?

Does Dunn really think you need psychological treatment? The blog relates they just laughed at you during the deposition; are they taking you seriously? I mean, asking who is paying for this is that kind of question, almost trying to see if there is someone behind you, no?

Lathrop must have taken a bath on this case when you settled.

The “tinny” sound quality to your voice recording covering the phone calls to the Woburn police is a nice effect.

Christopher King said...

Okay. Yes I got tagged a couple of times, inappropriately for frivolous claims. Read the "Lemaster v. Bank One" story at the "Documents" section of the website. That was Judge Cain, not even giving me an evidentiary hearing. I didn't even want to sue them -- it was my IOLTA bank -- but they were flat out wrong.

Another time Fed Court Judge Graham jumped my bones because I said the Defendants were engaged in "shenanigans." I kid you not.

No good deed.....

PS: Read the Luis Alcalde link, too.

Christopher King said...

PS: Cain is the one who give me the shoulder shrug in the Background video. We got plenty of more nasty looks from him and other judges just sitting in the can. Judge Sheward is the other one "Move on and move on, NOW!"

Whatever the evidentiary issue was, I'm sure that Paul C. Gianelli and I had worked it out the prior evening but His Honor just did whatever he felt like doing. Surprise, surprise.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, your stuff is good, but does it make a movie? not yet. Could it make a 60 Minutes story? For sure.

Christopher King said...

Thanks, sorta! But we haven't told the half yet; haven't let loose much of the 42 VHS tapes from Ohio, nor much of the contemporary stuff we've got in the can.

And a movie is but one of at least two distinct options we are considering.

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

what's the other, a musical? LOL :)

Christopher King said...

Ha! Rimsky-Korsakov's Sheherazade, Black Flag & DK's to set the soundtrack, right? There may be a shade of truth in that comment but loose lips sink ships. Funny we were going to use Sheherazade in one of my video pieces for obvious reasons -- thanks for reminding me. That CD is sitting in the console of the SAAB under a bunch of legal sh*t.




Anonymous said...

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