06 November 2005

Fall in New England

Fall always brings appreciation for things old and new in addition to the simple, warming pleasures of body shots. I hate it when they pull my hair like that, though!

Summer's searing heat/The ice-tinged eddies of spring/Yardwork lies between.


myrtle_beachin' said...

Hopefully it also brings another investigation into these titty bars!

Must get darn cold and snowy up there, a lot of pent up cabin fever.

And how do you attract the wrong element into a titty bar? Aint that the whole clientele and staff? And who complains about the type of music they don't play in a titty bar? How about the $8 beers instead.

Anonymous said...

What's with the Robert Frost wannabe, Jack Handy "Deep Thoughts" BS? We want more vitriol and scorn!

Anonymous said...

Nice crib. Yours?

Gerri_Curl said...

Do I smell a buppie sell out?

Christopher King said...

Yes the $8 beers were a hassle when I used to do that more often; luckily my old roomie and I were cool with staff so we got a few perks.

Vitriol, scorn and hard core (facts, that is) coming in about half an hour. We don't know who the crib belongs to; my crew and I just wheeled up and took a shot; the lights were off and it looked swell!

Just kidding :) Crib is in my family and is one of my several bases of support.


Anonymous said...

Nice house

Saab story said...

Saabs suck you ever replace a transmition in one ? fagettaboutit

Christopher King said...

Ironically I shattered that transmission in that car on the State's second (and failed) attempt to revoke my bail.

I had been working 2 days straight, almost no sleep and just put the car in gear as I was showing my film maker how to work the reverse lockout.

Problem was, the clutch wasn't engaged.

All of this happened the same day we shot KingCast short film "Lawyerman" so as we shot that movie keep in mind in the back of my mind I know I'll never drive that convertible again in large part because of a totally bogus, hateful and misguided prosecution that started the next business day after I posted about it on this blawg.