18 November 2005

Dunn: "You're not as comfortable not behind that blawg....... It's despicable!" Guess what: I caught him in a Major Lie...

Well sports fans, he actually said that my blawg is "despicable," (and other inane stuff) at his Depo today. Pshaw. I am fully comfortable anywhere, and hereby put the World on notice that I respectfully request a copy of today's courtroom video that should exist pursuant to the comment of the bailiff, after I called him up to the court room today to intervene and to monitor Defendant and counsel's antics. Charlie Bauer refusing to direct his client to either answer or not to answer a legitimate question. On and on and on, I want to put it public; they want to restrict it. No videos. No Deposition Transcripts on line. But they can start the whole thing with images from my website/blawg and paint me as a villain using media like WMUR represented by Timmons/Levesque's attorneys, then I can't fight back with the sworn testimony. That un-American, right?

Get this: Dunn wrote/said/stated/indicated, etc. (you'll see relevance of that later if I can ever post his depo.) that on 10 JAN 2005 that he did not know that I had reviewed at least two (2) police reports before I wrote the Demand/Letter. But that was clearly a lie because as you can see, the Demand Letter clearly references the police reports. Duh. So his whole attitude toward me from the git-go was based on a falsity, pure and simple.

You can't get much better for the type of claim that Mr. Toney has (i.e. non-physical injury) than the damned contemporaneous police report. Attorney Bauer and Chief Dunn can try to fool me, but I told them today we can certify the question to my former professor Paul C. Gianelli, who basically wrote the Ohio Rules of Evidence, and we can sort it out, right? Or is that yet another figment of my "fantasy," Chief Dunn? I'm sure your background check (that you haven't disclosed, -- see below --) has told you that I studied evidence under this man while working for the Ohio Attorney General's office as a clerk, then lawyer, for a total of 3 years; been involved in Law for 15 but not as a Depy AAG, as Dunn erroneously claims I said. Why would I ever have said that? I'm only 40 years old so the math doesn't even fit. He's so full of himself he'll say any damn thing to try to irritate me on the witness stand but I break it down right here, for the World to see. HE HATES THAT ELEMENT OF CONTROL. He has to attempt to make me into a looney tune, but really he is the looney tune and the liar.

He said about my blawg: 'It's offensive to people who might wander into it and think that they are going to learn about the First Amendment, and see pornography.' ......which of course was posted because the NAACP advised me to investigate a dance bar on a complaint from a man who had not filed any written request, just as they claim Willie Toney never did. So I submit it's offensive for the NAACP to lie about what truly predicates a call for investigation, and you can see it right here for crissakes. I never got a written request from "Complainant" Michael Dowling, but I at least got a matchbook with Willie Toney's name and phone number, written by him, seeking help that his friend brought to my friend's law firm.

Nobody loose focus here: NAACP and Jaffrey et al are lying; and they hate that I can show it right here, and flip short films about it. They read my blawg every day and misquote it during Depositions; then request from the Courts that I not be permitted to post about the case, when they started the whole thing by boosting my film maker's copyrighted material on my website and using it and other media to create unflattering imagery of me on TV in front of millions.

Then there's all the pending evidence that they haven't produced pursuant to Rule 98, either.

PS: Chief Dunn implied that I actually said he was a cracker, but as usual with Chief Dunn's assertions, the facts indicate otherwise. And what they hate about the Blawg is that the accuracy of the facts up here cannot be disputed. I will hire an expert to prove authenticity if required. This is the wave of the future.

PPS1: In the Depo. testimony we will see that Chief Dunn and Charlie Bauer find the hate mail below "funny." Yet they find my blawg to be "despicable." You can't have it both ways in a free society, dude.

Now they show those true colors, bare those teeth, sure enough.

PPS2: He tries to match wits with me in the Depo (depo can also spells 'dope') but really he didn't even know what the word "antecedent means," even this his whole argument about the matter was predicated on the concept. Predicated. That means it comes first, kinda a priori, dammit.

PPS3: My film maker caught 'em filing out of court today, looking pissed. My line of blawg questioning had just preceeded their exit. So I query, why can't a brother say what he wanna' say in the Live Free or Die State on his blawg -- especially sworn Depostition Transcript Testimony? The court returned the Depo. Transcript I filed yesterday, because it wasn't directly associated with a pleading, but by Monday it will be, via First Day FEDEX.

So what are they trying to hide? I don't know, but I do know that Chief Dunn claims he does not remember Defendant Timmons telling him that she "doesn't have time to read all those emails (from me, for example), yet he wonders 'what relevance' that has to him -- when she is the State's Primary Witness -- who claims to have thrown up crucial emails from me because it was her daughter's death anniversary.

Wake me from this nightmare of mingling with this dishonest, inarticulate, Babylon-living ship of fools. What I say to them is this: You care a lot more about my blawg than I care about you, and a Jury will see that loud and clear.

CODA: Now here's a Dangerous Attempted Extortionist: Extorting his cat using dangerous love noogies in front of a "Fight Racism -- it's a personal choice" poster. Wow. But at least Chief Dunn did me the privilege of letting me know today that he does indeed have black friends. I didn't ask him for thier names. Might be a little like that one Seinfeld episode, right?

And he said he talked with people at "Babylon Energy" after I settled my case with them. That's interesting since that was supposed to be confidential. I didn't see a copy of any goddamn subpoena cross my palms. And if I can go back after those scumbags for post hoc Defamation, because they left a lot of facts out -- at least according to the testimony of just (again) proved liar Chief Dunn -- you bet I will.

I need a shower after just being around these people.


Anonymous said...

If Dunn is not a proven liar, can he sue you for defamation? a public figure, so I guess not.

Christopher King said...

Damn right. Plus being a liar is not per se a crime of moral turpitude (as extortion is) but what he said may prove to be perjury, so that is yet another matter still.

At the very least one can see he either can't read, didn't read, or has no comprehension of what he reads, as it is clear that I did indeed review a lot of relevant facts -- i.e. the police reports of the arresting officers -- prior to issuing a Demand Letter.

Now the fact that there was an Confidential Informant, which he told Gloria Timmons about but not me -- is going to be paramount as well. See the new Saturday post about that.


Anonymous said...

Who is this confidential informant that he told to Gloria that he did not tell you? What does this person have for information? IS it related to the Willie Toney case or to your criminal case?

Christopher King said...

Sorry, I may have missed your question for a few days. I don't know who the C.I. is and I don't really care unless there is some reason to believe that s/he is a liar.

The C.I. would have been the person who made some very small time cocaine purchases from Willie Toney. If a C.I. is involved then the Police had probable cause to search and to confrom Mr. Toney more vigorously than the average bear, although I still may have some question about the use of force, i.e. 3 guns drawn.

Got it?


Anonymous said...

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