24 November 2005

Chief Dunn & Timmons claim I didn't have much to do with American Tower's $300K overtime fine:

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But Boston DOL Director Corey Surett will tell you 300,000.00 reasons otherwise. Here he is leaving me a message about another overtime case I recently resolved while working for a law firm that resulted in mass restructuring of dozens of positions, helping American Workers. As Chief "Your website is despicable" Dunn and Gloria "I don't have time to read my emails" Timmons agree I have fantasies about my accomplishments, all of this is fair game at trial if we should wind up there.

It's All Good, dawg.

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Anonymous said...

Did you report it to the DOL first or did you seek redress of the issue internally first? Or was the issue already out there and you pushed for a speedier remedy?

I did some research, that company's stock has tripled in price since June 2003. Your oversight certainly must have helped them right their ship.

Anonymous said...

Is the recording a re-enactment ? Lets not have another OH situation.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts about changing the font and background colors of the blog - reminds me of late '70s earth tone grossness. Consider what effect it has on your audience.

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Anonymous said...

Can you relate the details of your latest "jab in the eye" of corporate America?

No justice, no peace.

Christopher King said...

Hi guys:

1. Sought internally at first, as I did with other issues like a sick building tried to handle it outside of HR even. They are such liars. Copped a damn TRO on me for threatening to sue them, as at least 5 of us actually did, before Fed Ct. or other agencies. Just as Gloria tried to do, but eventually failed. Company stock should never have been as low as it was when I was there in '02 and not entirely company's fault. More industry (and lies and deception involed therein). Rise is due more to acquisition of SpectraSite, a former rival.

2. Come now Atticus. You know that's straight off my voicemail/speakerphone. Funny that the original name for this project was "Atticusrocks." Anyway, remember, if you read carefully and watch "A Day in Nashua" you know that Attorney Pope and I didn't do anything wrong -- other than the fact that we humiliated Columbus in Mike Royko columns for a silly Tattoo case in 1995-1997; the first case I had after the Ohio AG's office. Run "Royko" and read this "Set Trends" blawg of 29 Aug. 2005.


3. Well, ummm, BRAVO; I would love a blawg make-over. But it's no turnkey operation and I am afraid of losing material. No luddite; hardly a pro.

4. Hi David, not sure what you need. I am being a tad circumspect until I feel on firm ground for exposing everything. Right now trying to narrowly tailor my focus because you know they are going to argue a breach. This is the tip of the iceberg.

What information do you seek? Everyone hated working there until many of us took a stand and the VP who called police on me and called me a "scoundrel" (yes I've got that on CD from the police) left office to go to the peace corps in Uzbekistan. I won't tell you about what I heard about why she really left.

Anonymous said...

Completely understood - was thinking about the recent voice mail (the one AF is questioning) about your uncovering of the malfeasance you found at (not at Babylon). Whatever, its cool - just wondering, is this happening everywhere - time x 1/2 is huge to me.

Christopher King said...

Oh, yeah I definitely can't talk about the second O/T situation. That is confidential and they have not breached anything on their end AFAIK.

What I can say is that there are plenty of employee abuse cases like that one that going on right here, right now, that are less malevolent than mine (and others') were at American Tower Corporation, 116 Huntington Avenue, 11th Fl. Boston, MA 02116, 617.375.7500.

Theirs may have been an honest mistake, even, as you can tell by the voicemail fluctuating work week stuff is never simple. But I have personally seen one former American Tower attorney's resignation letter where she specifically warned them that they faced potential O/T liability.

It's all in the court file and it substantiates what I say, so they don't want me to talk about it, and I had not spoken or written about it until I found out that they talked sh*t to Chief Dunn. So now all (or most) bets are off when they are f*ckin' with my liberty, you bet. Dunn is going to rely on "other acts" big time.

Mass Fed Dist. 03-10904RCL; not sure of my co-worker's case no. but I'll shoot it to you later. We had the same atty but she filed earlier IIRC.

PS. Funny how I got shut down in Ohio -- and actually sanctioned -- for using valid (at least according to Professors Paul C. Gianelli and Louis A. Jacobs) other acts evidence.

See http://www.christopherkingesq.com/Christian_Minnis_v._Cols._Schools.jpg

Christopher King said...

Sorry that didn't work out; the "other acts" case of which I write is located in the "documents" section of the website at "Christian Minnis."


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