09 November 2005

1964/5: A Banner Year for Classics

The Porsche 911 debuted. The Ford Mustang. The BMW Neue Klasse racer, the 1800Ti/SA. The Buick Riviera. Oh, and me. Being a bit of a Maverick myself, I remain a major fan of all of these cars, especially the 911 and Mustang, because of their longevity and general sense of integrity and purpose. They stand the test of time; stood true, just as I have and will.

And for the most part, when you hit the gas you know these cars had some sack to them. Cajones. Feminine: Eggs. Something under the hood, for crissakes. Contrast the NAACP, soldiering on more like a Pinto, with relatively poor performance, an imploded, rusted piece of shit in need of a crusher -- or a good, swift kick in the ass.


PS: Speaking of Mustangs, on highways, many a 5.0 owner got a shock on cool days when the hot-rodded sleeper SPG pulled up to play :)