05 October 2005

A word about jailed reporter Judith Miller

Ms. Miller correctly refused to provide the name of a source (Lewis Libby) in the exposure of CIA operative Valarie Plame under a sacred right of reporter's First Amendment privilege. I know about this, having been a reporter for a weekly and a daily newspaper. Part of her reason is the derivative nature of the information:

If reporters are forced to tell the names of their sources the public's derivative Right-to-Know is tainted. See the Pentagon Papers case, NYTimes v. United States, 403 U.S. 713 (1971). Duh.

In fact, New York Times publisher Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. said in a statement that “the pending imprisonment of Judy Miller is an attack on the ability of all journalists to report on the actions of all governments, corporations and others,” according to Editor & Publisher.

In the Willie Toney police abuse matter, where I was indicted for "Attempted Felony Extortion" for issuing a Demand Letter and "threatening to call a press conference" when negotiations collapsed, as I noted -- in my movie trailer -- this is a matter of public concern, and the public has a derivative Right-to-Know that would come from issuance of a press release and press conference and public debate about police profiling and allegations of abuse. I even offered Chief Dunn (Defamation Defendant Dunn) the opportunity to speak about it at one of his classes, with nothing admissible in Court if a) negotiations failed and b) the NAACP higher-ups had taken my recommendation to sue, as seen in this email. If a municipality disagrees, then simply let them respond to the allegations in due course.... As such, you can't go around locking people like me up for "threatening" to call a press conference: It's (ostensibly) un-American.

So to sum up, we know the NAACP certainly does/sue people, contrary to what Melanie Levesque said. We also know that I thought Mr. Toney's offered contribution to the organization would be good for the organization (not me personally) as seen in this email to NAACP Boston Prez Lenny Alkins. And we also know that Willie Toney and his lady attended a meeting with Gloria Timmons and they claim Chief Dunn, after which they telephoned me on my 40th birthday to tell me "That Gloria Timmons..... she's No Good," and that they were all trying to "get you" to "get out from under their own shit,"as seen in this email . And they still have not provided a copy of the tape from that meeting, despite repeated requests. Unbelievable.

So why are we (still) here, stuck on stupid?

P.S. We're prolly gonna' wait on the movie final until Gloria Timmons shows up to Court to defend her 2nd ill-gotten Temporary Restraining Order on me to try to shut me up. Obviously she is not a fan of the First Amendment except when she or Melanie Levesque are busy talking sh*t about me in front of millions of people.