12 October 2005

Where's the goddamn police report?

Two (2) months ago it was promised; still not delivered. The reports we do have , showing that Mr. Toney's roomate said they were there to wait on his girlfriend (i.e. not "loitering") came from Willie Toney's closet and he faxed them to me. But here's what they promised my black ass on 8 August 2005:

Mr. King,

That's fine and you're welcome to have your attorneys contact me. We believe in the open concept as well, but we have to make sure we don't compromise a criminal case. Thank you.

Jon Sistare

......... ummm, final pretrial is 26 October, dude, but whatever. Is that how y'all do thangs out there in Jaffrey or am I getting the special uppity nigga' treatment? What a movie this is gonna be.