25 October 2005

What will happen in Court tomorrow.............. See In re: Alexander 147 NH 441 (2002).

First off, a moment of respect for Rosa Parks, at left, vis a vis a moment of sadness and compassion for Gloria Timmons, who has lost her soul. Parks said: "No, I wasn't tired.... the only tired I was, was tired of giving in." Juxtapose that resolve with that of Gloria Timmons, out to protect her little fiefdom at all costs, selling out for The Man like a lil' Condi Rice wannabe, instead of helping out the little people -- except when they are part of her family, like her sister, Cheryl Timmons O'Pesso. See 2 Oct. Entry "My 'scam' in Hartford: Helping Gloria's Sister."

Bill Clinton awarded Ms. Parks a Medal of Freedom, while here in New Hampshire, because of liars like Timmons -- who is a public figure, I might add -- I am being excoriated.

Here is an online video about Ms. Parks over at CNN.

Now back to the case in Nashua District Court for Gloria's bogus Restraining Order/Stalking Petition against me,shall we? Let's see how far Timmons gets when you've got cases like In re: Alexander, 147 NH 441 (2002) holding that:
"Evidence was insufficient to support finding that harassment by former husband constituted a credible threat to former wife's safety, and thus former wife was not entitled to a final domestic violence restraining order against former husband; evidence established that former husband had sent a card to former wife, that he had given her notes, and that he had shown up once at both her home and her place of employment." RSA 173-B:1, subd. 1.
This is simply ludicrous. I've never as much as said 'boo!!!' to her since 9 March, 2005 when she threatened me for attempting to show the proof that she and Boston President Lenny Alkins knew I was suspended, and New England Area Council President Juan Cofield wrote "this asshole really is crazy," still not having explained that statement to me yet. But as I noted on prior occasion, he can tell me precisely what he meant at his Deposition. But before all that, I'll see you in the morning (if you actually show up this time), Gloria.

PS: Timmons might want to bring with her a copy of the Enhanced Advocacy Empowerment Conference training materials regarding Domestic Violence and stalking, like the one I have in my g*ddmamn briefcase.


Anonymous said...

I think NPR would be interested in your story. You should contact them, get a broader audience. Yours is an interesting situation.

Christopher King said...
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Christopher King said...

BTW I really whupped Timmons' ass in court today on her requested "Stalking" Restraining Order, and we've got video and pics in the can, with audio CD coming to the website, soon. She was so singularly inarticulate as to be remarkable. More on this in an hour or so.

Anyway, you know my background as a journalist, so you can imagine I've already contacted these entities on numerous or several occasions as my emails and mobile bills will attest.... I know NAACP officials are on the NHPR Honor Roll, so of course that may be at play. I would hope not, but as you acknowledge, this case is Bigger than it appears at first blush.