24 October 2005

Update: Timmons' bogus Restraining Order

Well folks it appears on Wednesday the 26th that I won't get to hear Plaintiff Timmons explain why she (a) previously filed a Temporary Restraining Order on me and failed to even appear in Court, or why (b) she actually believes that she is under some sort of fear that would warrant the Court to trammel my valid First Amendment interests of communicating to whomever I deem appropriate the facts of this case -- unless or until they request to opt out of my email distribution chain. That's the Law, folks and I'm not going to put up with anything less. Attachments 1 and 2.

Unlike Defendant Timmons, however, I will have a legitimate reason for missing the upcoming Court action in Nashua NH District Court: I'll be with my lawyers in Cheshire County moving to dismiss the bogus criminal complaints, all of which stem from Timmons and VP Melanie Levesque's absolute and outright lie that "the NAACP does not sue, or threaten to sue, any party," when in fact they sue for injunctive relief, prospective relief, and monetary recompense all the time!
See NAACP v. Town of East Haven, 259 F.3d 113 (C.A.Conn. 2001).

Gloria: On Halloween Monday, bring your hateful, lying sef' in to your scheduled Deposition in my Civil Case against you for Defamation and Anti-First Amendment Conspiracy. See "Clash of the Titans," 11 Oct.

PS: Cheshire Court just sent notice that this was a scheduling error. Our Final Pretrial is now 28 November so I just told the Nashua District Court to put Timmons "Stalking" Temporary Restraining Order back on the docket for tomorrow. But out in Cheshire County, however, with the criminal charges pending, I get to dance on a string at least a while longer. That's the game of mental torture that Gloria Timmons and the NAACP set out to throw me under because they ran scared of people like Chief Dunn. That's All Right, Gloria. See you Monday at your Deposition. I've got most of my questions mapped out and you and me are gonna' have a lot of fun, you know, reminiscing old times and stuff, right?"

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