22 October 2005

Today's recommended site: Greenburbs

Visit this site and discover more about health, worker safety, preserving our environment and progressive ideals in general. And there is a neat movie from Thursday's 583 Party, too -- you can see me hanging out and passing fliers! I have worked for Ohio Citizen Action on two different campaigns for Right-to-Know laws and more stringent Superfund enforcement, so I'll be enjoying this site, and the people involved in it, with impunity. Provided of course that I still have my freedom. They link to me and I link back to them; keep e'rbody informed of what's up and what's going down. That's how we grow the Revolution, folks.

PS: Watch these clips from "The End of Suburbia" and contemplate the lunacy of fighting wars for oil -- a stopgap measure at best, designed to line the pockets of the elite military-industrial complex. Gil Scott-Heron warned of this.

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