01 October 2005

Today's recommended listening:

Is the cover of Bob Dylan's' "Hattie Carroll," an ode to a murdered black domestic vs. the U.S. Justice system. Y'all can catch a nifty cover of it now at 16:50 minutes into the 25 Sept. 2005 "Beck" studio segment of Soundseclectic.com. Between "The Hurricane" and "Hattie Caroll" Bob Dylan has done more for Justice than the Nashua NAACP ever hoped to. Peace.

P.S. Beck is pure musical genious; been down for a decade, totally. "Guero" = "white boy," and this 'white boy' can spit a bit; check out track 7 "Hell Yes."


Anonymous said...

Rage against the machine. And stay off of motorbikes.

Anonymous said...

“Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall” (Blue Note).

Anonymous said...

GWAR, Circus of Chaos. Take that Burger King!