27 October 2005

Timmons v. King "Stalking Order" MPEG file ready; She is an embarrassment to the NAACP

Here is the receipt; my crew still had to finesse a few things with the CD/Mpeg to make it play for millions but that has been completed. It's 1:17 long, but just about any portion of it will convince you that Gloria Timmons is an embarrassment to herself and to the NAACP; singularly inarticulate and disrespectful to the Court, and to me. Some compatability issues, but it should up up by tomorrow. Peace.
[9 Feb. 2006 Note: It's audio #1 at the website].

PS: The best part is at 25 mins. to 33 mins., involving the "Rotillery Pigs" (sic) according to Defendant Timmons. See the "Rotisserie Hogs" blawg of 16 October wherein I told her that she and NAACP VP Levesque would "roast like rotisserie hogs" under the cross examination of my attorneys.

PPS1: At 36 minutes she says "you're not that clever, King." Which was stricken at my request, as she was trying to say that if she receives any information on my blawg about her, through any means, that she is entitled to receive a Restraining Order because of physical fear, under the Statute.

PPS2: 38:20 minutes -- Court: "These emails..... that are allegedly directed toward you, are you included on the distribution or carbon copy list?"...... Me: "I'm a First Amendment scholar your Honor and I would never do that.". Gloria:......"He sends them to other members of the NAACP knowingly that I would get it. He's trying to make a mockery of the NAACP and the Courts." [Update 10 Feb. 2006: No Gloria, that would be you and your buddy in Jaffrey].

PPS3: 42 minutes.... Court: Are you aware of any law holding that the President of the NAACP is a public figure? Me: Your Honor that's highly relevant as to what I can say about her." Court: "That's not... that's beyond the scope of her expertise.... all that's been established is that she works there." Me: "Ms. Timmons what is your position at the NAACP?" Gloria: "I'm the president." Me: "Thank you."

[Update 10 Feb 2006]. I crushed her and the NAACP at that hearing.


Anonymous said...

Chris, you sounded very polished in the hearing, but it did seem that Timmons was genuinely afraid of you.

Question, at the end, there is mention of you exposing yourself while at work somewhere. Man, you are better than an episode of "The Office". I wanna party with you!

Christopher King said...

What she's afraid of is losing her position and being embarrassed. Notice how VP Levesque, the other NAACP leader I said my lawyers would "roast like a rotisserie hog" never filed for a Stalking Order, yet the two of them are almost always mentioned in the same breath. I've heard from insiders that Melanie is really torn over this. Perhaps after I finish roasting Timmons Monday at her Depo. she will reconsider.

Anyway, I had an act of consenual sex with a manager, Caucasian, female (I was an underling) at "Babylon Energy" which they brought up 2 months after they fired me for ratting them out to the Department of Labor as some sort of after-acquired evidence. We settled, and also the DOL hit them with, like a $300K fine.

And two other employees who supported me and got fired for so doing sued them and settled, too.

Timmons will roast.

Anonymous said...

Will you get an audio of that deposition as well? Tet a tet with real lawyers, that should be smashing.

Good luck, prepare well.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she was the massa's wife and you were Mandingo. White role playing, in 2005.

I hope she was thrown under the bus, too.

No justice, no peace.

Another Mandingo, Rego Park

Christopher King said...

I will have an audio of her Depo. posted on the website soon'r than you can say "Uncle Tom's Cabin."

I am continuing to prepare and will light her up from the get-go; my opening round of questions will have her way bent out of shape and it will go quickly downhill from there for her.

I need more yerba mate to get through this.

Anonymous said...

Like Mr. Biko is reckon. Bloody *ell.