26 October 2005

Timmons, open Court: "You are a dangerous man"

Q: "What evidence do you have before you in court today that your family is in physical peril?"
A: "You are a dangerous man."

Gloria, you ain't never lied.... well at least this time. I'm very dangerous when I expose corrupt people and institutions. But I'm not physically dangerous nor am I an extortionist. You are upset that I published on my blawg that my lawyers would roast you and Melanie Levesque up like rotisserie hogs at trial, but you don't even know the meaning of the words metaphor, simile, parody or the implications of the 1988 U.S. Supreme Court case Falwell v. Hustler, so dismiss your bogus "Stalking" TRO against me. Then let's Get Real about what you and Melanie Levesque owe me for telling Chief Dunn and Prosecutor Albrecht that I am an extortionist, and that "the NAACP does not sue, or threaten to sue any party," when the bylaws specifically grant authority to individual units to engage in litigation, just as the Court noted in NAACP v. Town of New Haven, 259 F.3d 113 (C.A. Conn. 2001).

Seven (7) years I face for your bullshit, and you're gonna pay dearly --- and Legally.

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