28 October 2005

"Stalking" Trial online: Timmons at 25 minutes: "You are a Dangerous Man!"

The best stuff is at 24-42 mins, and also my testimony at 54 minutes and you can hear my professionalism and her pointless case at my website link, "Stalking Trial." At no point have I done anything that could fairly be perceived as physically-threatening to Gloria Timmons or her family. She actually said I "threatened to go to her place of employment" to hurt her. All of this is nonsense as noted yesterday, for which she will address on Monday at her Deposition. All weekend long I will prepare for this Grand Occasion. Scary Halloween for Gloria, it will be.

"Strange that a person would go that far....(my blawg)" Well Gloria, if you and VP Melanie Levesque wouldn't have lied and told Jaffrey and Cheshire County officials that the "NAACP doesn't sue, or threaten to sue any party," resulting in me facing seven (7) years in prison, we wouldn't be here. See Exhibits (1), (2), (3) and (4) the NAACP Internal Memoranda granting individual units the right to sue, and a copy of an 11 Oct. page from this blawg discussing, inter alia, NAACP v. Town of East Haven, 259 F.3d 113 (C.A.Conn. 2001), and a copy of a story from "Brown Watch," noting a $50M NAACP lawsuit for excessive force in another venue.

PS: Notice the smiley-guy on the dashboard of the SAAB: He contains a special nuk-u-lar dirty-bomb disseminator I will use to bomb Ms. Timmons and her family. Not.


Anonymous said...

The internal memoranda seems to cut against you, unless you can produce thw written permission to sue from the national organization. It actually makes you or your superiors look like extortionist. The only rub is how much, if any, money you or your superiors at the NAACP would have collected if the demand was agreed to by the coppers, and how much Toney would have kept. Toney is a key witness I suspect.

Christopher King said...

I suppose I should explain that the internal memoranda was provided to me in February -- 6 weeks after the Demand Letter was written. All of us were seat-of-the-pants, but I had notified all of my superiors that I was seeking outside counsel (obviously to sue) back on 16 December.

By the rules at p.58 even that was improper, but nobody checked me on it, so I assumed -- logically -- that I had authority to pursue legal action.

I don't mind that they will read this before the Depo. tomorrow because it's not like the issue goes away, right?

Toney has told everyone that he only offered to give money. He asked me what lawyers typically get and I said "we're not lawyers, just an organization trying to help" -- so he said "well jeez I'd still like to give you (the organization) half of what lawywers would normally get, or 15%." There's certainly no crime in that, mate.

And as I've noted, offer and compromise (see 11 October blawg "So... The NAACP Doesn't sue....)