11 October 2005

Rule 11 or 59 Sanctions for Prosecutor Albrecht?

Okay you lawyers out there: How does Attorney Albrecht avoid a Rule 11 or NH Rule 59 Sanction for claiming what he claimed about me (see below) in light of NAACP v. Town of East Haven, 259 F.3d 113 (C.A.Conn. 2001)?

Albrecht's signature "constitutes a certificate that the signer has read the pleading, motion, or other paper; that to the best of the signer's knowledge, information and belief formed after reasonable inquiry, it is well grounded in fact and is warranted by existing law....."

Hell, Stevie Wonder (pictured here with Marvin Gaye, R.I.P) could clearly see that his pleading is baseless. It took me exactly 28 seconds from Westlaw sign on to run the search terms and reaffirm, conclusively, that the NAACP does indeed issue Demand Letters and sue people for proscriptive and monetary damages. Duh. So even if the NAACP lied to him (which it likely did) he should have known better, instead of wrecking my life with a bogus "Attempted Felony Extortion" indictment, dammit. And records indicate that he personally sought this indictment.

Then add to that those missing emails that I sent to Chief Dunn's Attorney Charlie Bauer, and to the City Attorney Park, that are so/very/ugly for them and exculpatory for me, and you gotta' say this is one heinous prosecution. Or is it just business as usual in the "Live Free or Die" State?

PS: Gloria, with your threat to "run me over," I'll be watching for your silver Generation 5 Maxima with your "Gloria" plates on it when I'm out on the motorbike. And I remember the time you angrily told me, "Your problem is... you need a job." Frankly, I'm too busy pulling people like you, Melanie Levesque, Chief Dunn and Attorney Albrecht out of my ass to finish my movie, much less work. But you're gonna pay for that, Good Buddy. Legally.