16 October 2005

Open complaint to NAACP Legal Defense Fund: NAACP is violating my Civil Rights; will be protested at Voting Rights Act dinner

This is activity so foul in trying to send me to prison for 7 years for Attempted Extortion, that David Horan, one of my defense attorneys & former lead prosecutor for the biggest county (Hillsborough), shook his head and said "I can't begin to see where their case is."

Deposed NAACP Legal Defense Fund Director Elaine R. Jones' PR manager Gwen McKinney told me that the NAACP LDF has no direct corporate, legal or institutional ties to the NAACP. As such, through this blog and via all appropriate channels, I herewith file a Complaint with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund for the activities of the NAACP, which again, in lying to Cheshire County Prosecutor Albrecht, (i.e. "King knew the NAACP doesn't sue") run counter to the clear-cut precedent set in NAACP v. Town of East Haven, 259 F.3d 113 (C.A. Conn. 2001).

Anybody can demand redress from the police on behalf of anyone, or "threaten" to call a press conference. Anybody. That's the First Amendment.

That East Haven case proves conclusively that the NAACP does indeed issue Demand Letters for injunctive, prospective and monetary relief, and does indeed sue. I mean, what planet are we on, here folks? Wake me and tell me this is a bad dream, right? I am surrounded by idiots. And liars.

PS: Motions to Dismiss: The NAACP Motion to dismiss in my Civil case will be met with a request for Sanctions. It is ridiculous and a dilatory move, at best. Our Motions to dismiss the criminal case, OTOH, are credible and quite serious. And even in the event that we lose them, Timmons and Levesque will cook like rotisserie hogs under the heat of my lawyers' cross-examination, and it would be an NAACP public relations nightmare, all caught on film. And Boston area President Lenny Alkins can share in all of it, when he's subpoenaed to discuss what was in the envelopes attached to these receipts, among other things.


Anonymous said...

Not to be completely cynical, but what are the odds

1 Motion to Dimiss Civil claim granted; and

2. Not Guilty (a good thing).

Net-Net the lawyers get paid your money.

Christopher King said...

MTD = minimal. Read Complaint paragraphs 16-24 and Section F on the website "King Sues NAACP" and you'll see no way should this case ever fail to reach a Jury.

Not Guilty = Well I would hope not, providing our motions are not sustained. I didn't do anything illegal. It's an unbelievable case and more people are taking note of it daily. This is just a move to keep people like me beat down so the next time somebody comes along they will fear an indictment for speaking their mind. It's heinous. Absolutly heinous. And whatever the NAACP got in return for sleeping with the enemy clearly constitutes a Faustian Bargain. They sold their souls to the Devil.

My relationship with my lawyers transcends money. As to whatever the Defense lawyers may be soaking up from their clients, as they usually do, well I would have no idea about that.