29 October 2005

NH DHHS Supe. to King's rescue!

Hey Gloria: Why don't you explain how I would tell Dep't of Human Services Director Sylvia Gale that I "hadn't been licensed for 4 or 5 years," a whole month before the Demand Letter to Chief Dunn (1) & (2) ; then network her with the NAACP and then lie to the NAACP about my license while preparing a movie, book, and website that all discuss it? Hold your answer until Monday, then do your best you big fat liar. Only this time the lie doesn't kill thousands of U.S. Soldiers and Iraqi civilians, it just puts one hapless nigger under threat of prison. Shame on you, honey. See you Monday.


Anonymous said...

Does Timmons know Ms. Gale? Will Ms. Gale testify that she told Timmons you were not licensed to practice law? Otherwise, does this e-mail mean anything?

What would happen to your civil case if the criminal case is a guilty verdict?

That $625 K is a nice haul for an unemployed guy with legal bills. Hope it happens.

As Salaam Alakum

Christopher King said...

Of course Timmons will say she doesn't know Ms. Gale, but that is hardly dispositive, given that I forwarded Ms. Gale's contact info. to the NAACP immediately after I told her I wasn't licensed.

At some point you gotta say, wow, this guy wasn't hiding his licensure status from anyone.

BTW I'm not unemployed. That's some angry sh*t that Timmons has said on several occasions because she wishes I had a 9-5 so I couldn't do what I do on these here pages :)

There's not going to be a guilty verdict in the criminal case because I'm not guilty of anything, but it sure is a PITA to deal with. And it is totally unwarranted; hence my Demand, issued at direction of the Superior Court -- which Gloria also tried to call Extortion at the Stalking Trial.

W'alaikum salaam.