18 October 2005

New Hampshire last to acknowledge MLK

You, know, I forgot that New Hampshire was the last State in the Union to acknowledge the Martin Luther King Holiday. Perhaps that explains why NAACP Nashua heads Gloria Timmons and Melanie Levesque ran scared and threw me under the bus in Jaffrey: They didn't want to get lynched either so they figured they would just offer me up, instead, in violation of the spirit of this Great Man.

PS: And now a word about Constance Baker Motley (R.I.P.) who would no doubt find Timmons and Levesque's actions deplorable. She says, "when I went to law school no one had heard of Civil Rights." Yeah, I know the feeling.


Anonymous said...

Any perspective you could share on Steven Biko and the circumstances that he faced and those you are dealing with now? Thanks.

Christopher King said...

A good call. I assume you've read my 1985 Apartheid piece that I published here a couple of times. I think that as with Peter Gabriel's rousing live performance on that issue, more musicians and entertainers need to address the core issues of basic human rights as being raised in this instance by and through a Black Man, but for All of Society. We are losing basic Human Rights, and alarmingly so right here in America and in New Hampshire, the "Land of the free," and the "Live free or die State," respectively.

I aim not to be a martyr to die in the hands of police custody or at one of the prisons they would love to see me to, as Steven Biko did. But I wonder would it take that to heighten America's conscience that the NAACP -- "America's oldest Civil Rights organization" is actually behind such efforts?

Was I chosen to be America's Steven Biko? The mind boggles....