04 October 2005

NAACP's Timmons & Levesque hate Black Men

NAACP Prez Timmons couldn't have cared less that Willie Toney faced three (3) drawn guns and was body cavity searched for taking a piss, noted here. And she couldn't have cared less about my rights, either, as she threatened to "run me over," noted here .

See, in my first non-profit in Case Western Reserve Law School back in 1992 we talked about how a Black Man in the 60's was what a Black Woman most wanted to see at the end of a dark alley. Now he is the last person she wants to see at the end of that alley.

But he is the first person some NAACP Black Women will throw under the bus in order to accomplish their own agendas, even filing spurious requests for Temporary Restraining Orders to silence a Strong Black Man, and then no-showing at the hearing, as seen here. (I mean, what, did she forget that she thought I was gonna' kill her?)... They will lie about what he presents at NAACP meetings because they don't know that he back-doored his emails to his private address as seen here and here. They will threaten him with harassment charges when he tries to expose the truth without resorting to litigation as seen here. And they will lie about people like me who act under their direction to help their own family members in other jurisdictions as seen here. They will do precious little when active slavery of Jamaican/Black men is detected in New Hampshire as seen here. And they will peddle crack cocaine for votes in Ohio, as seen here. And they will unethically attempt to influence peddle people like Senator Teddy Kennedy and have to step down from office as seen here.

That's precisely why Black Man Willie Toney (and his Caucasian lady friend) told me "That Gloria..... She's No Good." (28 Sept).... I might add that Prosecutor Albrecht and counsel for Chief Dunn, Charlie Bauer, failed to produce this document pursuant to Discovery in the Criminal case, even though I clearly sent it to both of them, and it is clearly exculpatory evidence and goes to Conspiracy and will be used to examine Mr. Toney with on the stand. And Charlie Bauer believes it is somehow ridiculous or that I have "ulterior motives" in requesting he step down as counsel from the Civil case even though I will call him as a witness and take his deposition? Please.

Peace. (Cammy, a/k/a "Doodle" my Niece and Goddaughter). You can try to lock me up, and otherwise emasculate me, but I'll just send her into battle to take my place. She wants to be a lawyer "just like Uncle Chris so we can do what we wanna do." As I said before, Chief Dunn, you and your Thought Police may want to nip her in the bud.

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