02 October 2005

My "Scam" in Hartford: Helping Gloria' Sister!!!

Communications giant WMUR publicly reported that “authorities say 'King was motivated by quick cash' and 'King may have tried this scam before, possibly in Hartford, Connecticut.'” I know the clip by heart now having edited it a dozen times. Well if my efforts in Hartford working on behest of Gloria Timmons’ sister (Hartford School Union President Cheryl O’Pesso) constitutes a “scam,” then there is no Justice in this World. Oh yeah, WMUR’s attorneys, and NAACP’s attorneys, are one-in-the same. You gotta' Rage about that. Wow.

PS: Notice in her email to me what she does NOT call me: "Attorney." She wrote "agent," because as Gloria's sister, she and everyone else on God's Green Earth knew about everything in Columbus, Ohio -- and it drew them toward me because they knew I wasn't a sellout. The truth will come to light, dammit.


Anonymous said...

No need for self barbquing, but I sense your helplessness, like that monk dude. You need to stay out of the sitches, my man. I would suggest getting a woman, but that would run counter to keeping out of this typa mess. Heh heh.

Sounds like you are in a cat fight with these gals, I'd let it rest.

Christopher King said...

Hey thanks for lookin' out. Yeah my gal is nuts over this sh*t but she also helped design the corporate logo. In the end, this is but a road bump. Peace.

Christopher King said...

P.S. Back on 9 March I already offered to "let it rest" as you can see in the 1 Oct. Blog document posted below. The prollem is, they didn't "let it rest" and now I have been defamed Big Time and face criminal prosecution. So really I'm just doing what I have to do, my Brother/Sister.