21 October 2005

Moby; King rock the house!

What a Good Time last night at 583 Art Factory. A lot of smart, progressive people viewing art, mingling, dancing and quaffing beverages provided by Triple 8 Vodka. I met DJ Noelle Robinson (pictured) of Kusic Sound Kource, danced my arse off, bought an autographed/T-Shirt, passed a lot of fliers and gave Moby a DVD entitled "American Lawyer: A First Amendment Fiasco." Many thanks to space owner Lee Milazzo, for throwing the event, with proceeds to benefit Friends of Animals.

PS: Lest you forget, Moby is not all electronica by any means. Some folks always want to pigeonhole people -- including me, as a "coconut head racist." But anyway, that boy can flat play that darned guitar & rock with the best of them, as he did the last time I saw him in Pittsburgh. More 583 Pics here: 1, 2, 3.

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