24 October 2005

King moves for dismissal of criminal charges; First Amendment on Trial in New Hampshire

Well sports fans, here is where it all comes down: The hot links for today's Press release that appear in red are as follows: "Why the NAACP is a sellout organization," and "as seen here" and "Melanie: to what 'agenda' do you refer?"

Lastly, it is patently clear that at least one other jurisdiction has ruled that an identical statute to the Extortion Statute under which I labor is Unconstitutional on its face. See State v. Weinstein, 898 P.2d 513 (1995).

Stay tuned.

PS: Cheshire Court just sent notice that this was a scheduling error. Our Final Pretrial is now 28 November, so I get to dance on a string at least a while longer. That's the game of mental torture that Gloria Timmons and the NAACP set out to throw me under because they ran scared of people like Chief Dunn. That's All Right, Gloria. See you Monday at your Deposition. I've got most of my questions mapped out and you and me are gonna have a lot of fun, you know, reminiscing old times and stuff, right?"


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris!

How are you doing? Thanks for the pics. This is Patrick Duffy , we met at the library a week ago. Thanks for the pics. Your doing a great job.

You are doing the right thing with your time. Somebody has to speak up. You are speaking up for your rights and for those who have been supressed. I totally am all for that. I know that you will get the results your working for. I don't want to see the system screw one more hard working person. I don't believe they can send you to jail, Chriss, they can say what they want but they are gonna have an extremely hard time clearifying exactly what you did wrong.

You might remember I was sending a resume' out the day we talked at the library in Nashua - well I got the job!

Let me know how things are going for you, and when we could sit down and talk again.

Pat said...

I have read and gone through the entire situation with Christopher King and I must ask one question... Is this still the pre- civil rights era?... Cause when A man can't do his job.... Christopher King was a licensed lawyer, now an activist, and now he's threatend with jail time. I tend to believe this can't be Oct. 2005.

I live in Nashua and I'm white I'm sure I would never get, no, I know I would never get a full body bend-over cavity search just for hanging around an apartment building.

I know if I sent a letter to that particular police Station, I wouldn't face arrest or prison for it, either.

So , I want to know where the fine line is between racism and being free in this country . As we saw with Katrina you have to be a certain color or a certain financial class in order to count! If you were white you were rummaging for food, but if you were black you were just looting.

I think I would really like to stop paying taxes for something I trully don't believe in- and that's this country!

Christopher King said...

Wow folks, with those comments my cup runneth over..... everytime someone I've met actually sees me on the street or actually posts a comment (the percentage of people who actually comment on blogs is quite low) it lets me know that the message of unity, Love and compassion -- and concern for the First Amendment -- is shining through the haze.

Pat, the Cheshire County hearing date was a mistake. The Court notified us about that, so no court out there tomorrow but I am going to be back in Nashua for the "Stalking" Temporary Restraining Order that Timmons copped on me. It's still a First Amendment issue that the court will have to address. Call me later for details on that hearing if you want to come; bring some friends. It's All Good. It's All Public. Very Public.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. If you are representing yourself tomorrow, get it on.

Christopher King said...

Thanks. I'm on top of things, I believe. Check the Rosa Parks blawg for more info. Peace.