15 October 2005

Is Cleaven Ferguson a liar??

NAACP bylaws provide for impeachment of officers who lie in the prosecution of their duties. Nashua NAACP Chapter President Gloria Timmmons, to my knowledge, has not commenced any such action toward Nashua NAACP Veterans' Cleaven Ferguson, although she DID try to make him say something different, he never gave her an affidavit, as he did here with me, and that's arguably witness tampering. So, Gloria, what's it gonna be about? You gonna' try to get him removed for lying, or what? Heck no you're not, because you know he didn't, and he isn't.

Yeah, also this 9 March 2005 email from me to Timmons regarding Willie Toney appeared a while ago but I forgot about it for a minute. Check it out.

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