10 October 2005

Court: "No video depo. of Gloria"

Well sports fans the Civil Court denied my request for a video deposition to record Defendant Timmons' anticipated antics, as she has acted like a jackass in open court and threatend me on prior occasion already. I had stipulated that the video would be immediately turned over to the Court for Court use only. Oh, well. Funny how they get to go on TV, on a station represented by their own counsel, that showed me on a perp walk at lunch on my arraignment day without even mentioning my just-filed Civil Suit or that I called a press conference, I might add. So they talk this trash in front of millions of people, but now they run scared of one little camera to be used in Court only. I'm not afraid to give my Depostion on video. That's 'cos I'm not a liarhead. But you can see Liarhead "NAACP doesn't sue" Levesque's WMUR image in my online movie trailer right here.

So be it. Soon we'll get Gloria and Melanie on video ourselves, legally, in an open forum, on their little Deposition "perp walk" and there will be virtually no restrictions on how we use that video. None. That's the First Amendment. Peace.


Anonymous said...

It sure would be good if you were able to hold you own press conference - that you can videotape and broadcast!

Christopher King said...

Well did you see the one we have on my arraignment day over at the website? WMUR at lunch ran, like an 6-second clip of my perp walk, and one quick clip of me talking in which I mention the word "conviction." So we ran the whole conference and put it on the website instead.

None of the media seem too anxious to expose the truth in this case, but as a former reporter I return to my roots, 16-18 years later, on the Internet, trying to learn RSS feeds and making (fully-clothed) exposure movies.

What a trip. Power to the people!!!

Anonymous said...

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