29 October 2005

The Closing Argument of an American.

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4 the haters
At 59 mins: into the "stalking" hearing NAACP Nashua President Timmons brought against me solely because of my Internet activities, I note:
“I’m just doing my media thing now and she doesn’t like it because the truth is coming out. This Country was built on the ideals of the First Amendment and the Internet is the last bastion of the First Amendment for people who need to get a word out.

Now if she believes I have defamed her, then you know what she can do? She can go file a Complaint. But she can remove this case, because there is no physical threat to her…. I am a peace-loving individual never before charged with any restraining order or violent crime I’m 40 years old and have worked with peace groups.….. I am more of a Buddhist than anything else; I only kill flies and mosquitoes. This is ridiculous....

...What’s getting at Ms. Timmons is me opening my mouth. She knows I’m not going to hurt her physically; that’s ridiculous. I will continue to exercise my First Amendment Rights and communication as none of it is violent or life-threatening to the Plaintiff, and lastly very important for the Court to know, your Honor, is that if and when anybody asks me not to be on an email distribution list, I immediately excise them. That’s the Law.”
Notice how the "open" sign appears next to my mind: This is 2005, people, and we are still imbued with Certain Inalienable Rights.

PS: Timmons at 1:15:02 "I don't want this guy to videotape me. This guy is leaving the courtroom first at [King's] instruction to videotape me. This guy is dangerous!" Whereupon we got some good images of Ms. Timmons. Hint: They always look up when they get to the car. Never fails.

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