28 October 2005

Back to jailed reporter Judith Miller:

See 5 Oct. post showing my support for Miller's First Amendment reporter's privilege not to divulge an information source, as protecting America's derivative First Amendment Rights to receive valuable information from the press -- America's Fourth Estate. It now appears in today's Washington Post A/P story, "GOP Senator Links Indictment, Resignation," however, that NYTimes is stepping away from Miller, and there are allegations that "Ms. Runamok" lied to, and withheld information from her superiors.

If that is true, and if that "entanglement" turns out to be nefarious, then she is no better than deposed NYTimes Golden Boy Jayson Blair, or New Republic pathological liar Stephen Glass (what a movie, though) and perhaps she should be serving time for Obstruction and/or Contempt if -- as her managing editor alleges -- she actually had improper entanglements (whatever that is) with VP Cheney's Chief of Staff Scooter Libby. As a former reporter I will say this: Don't lie to your managers. It makes everything look bad. Time will tell.

What we do know at this time is that the White House was busy pumping out mad propaganda about WMD that simply wasn't true, and even this morning we heard Dubya using Iraq, Al Qaeda and 911 in the same breath, even though the 9/11 Commission has found no link to this very day. Interessant, n'est-ce pas?

PS: This just in: "Scooter" scoots. Don't let that doorknob hitcha'. The real question, of course, is for whom you are covering?

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