12 October 2005

28 Seconds.

Dear Attorney Albrecht: My second-chair attorney loves that NAACP v. Town of East Haven, 259 F.3d 113 (C.A.Conn. 2001) case I found in a 28-second Westlaw search, proving again that NAACP sues and issues Demand Letters. At final pretrial on 26 Oct. we will ask you whether you would still have personally sought that indictment if you had read that case. You can't then look at the Judge with a straight face and rationalize what you wrote in your motion. (see 11 Oct. blawg), so I ask you this:

Was twenty-eight (28) seconds of your time too much to ask before you tried to incarcerate another nigger you thought you could walk all over? See you then.

[Update 10 April 2006:] For my birthday by Friday, since you got a continuance in part because you didn't have Devon Sawyer's phone number (which by law we are not required to provide), why don't you finally use it to call him. I spoke with him yesterday and he's waiting for you, Poppie.

[Update 24 April 2006:] [Update 10 May 2006:] Devon Saywer reports he still has not received a call from the Good Prosecutor, despite the continuance granted a month ago allegedly because the Good Prosecutor did not have Mr. Sawyer's phone number -- which we gave him a month ago, but which we did not have to provide under Rule 98 any damn way.


Anonymous said...

Did your motion to dismiss fail?

Christopher King said...

No it has not, to my knowledge, and we have another one we are about to present. I would not anticipate hearing a decision either way until that 10:00 a.m. 26 Oct. Conference.

Meanwhile, here's one person's statement about the NAACP at Cincinnati Black Blog:

"....as long as these organizations continue to maintain the status quo, their work becomes meaningless because nothing changes."

True that, right?

Anonymous said...

We must educate the masses so the truth will be told.
Then, there will be changes.
George Vreeland Hill

Anonymous said...

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