26 October 2005

2 Courts: Timmons must face Depo;......... NAACP Pres. appears singularly inarticulate.

Well sports fans, here's the D_L:
(1) Courtroom video was denied in the bogus "Stalking"ex parte Restraining Order case in Nashua District Court brought by Nashua NAACP Pres. Gloria Timmons, but we have the audio CD on order. This is a copy of my objections. We had requested to forward a video to Police Abuse.org, an Internationally-recognized media watchdog. However, the audio presentation, to be posted on this blawg, is damaging enough, we guess:

Timmons is so singularly inarticulate as to be, well, unbelievable, so I quote under my cross-examination because Timmons was upset that I published on my blawg that my lawyers would "roast you and Melanie Levesque up like rotisserie hogs at trial." Here then is the colloquy that ensued:

Q: Do you know what a metaphor is?
A: No.
Q: A simile?
A: No.
Q: Ever heard of Falwell v. Hustler Magazine, 485 U.S. 46 (1988)?
A: No.
Q: Do you know what a parody is?
A: No
Q: Then how can you know what the hell extortion is?
A: No response.

Actually this last question never was posed, but it is the obvious one to ask now, right? She presented no direct evidence of any threat, and no witnesses to back up her assertions that she or her family was under threat. Actually, her own son failed to take the witness stand, tacitly admitting defeat. I know I would certainly testify if my mother's life, much less my own life, was in peril.

In my opinion, she is so ignorant she needs to be removed from office before more people hear about it & listen to her on this website, weblog, podcast and beyond.

(2) Timmons/Levesque's Motion for Continuance on her Halloween Deposition was denied in my Civil Case against them in Hillsborough County Superior Court (South) for Defamation, Malicious Prosecution, First Amendment Conspiracy, etc., and correctly so, as I noted in my Motion to Vacate filed early this a.m. when I had been told erroneously, that the Court had granted the Motion for Continuance. Timmons already has copped six (6) extra weeks since the first properly-noticed Depo. of 19 Sept.

What Gloria really hates is this blawg and her upcoming audio testimony. Her Deposition on Monday will further prove that. She also hates my fliers but that's just too bad, so sad, hard cheese, baby. I gave her an out. Today, I didn't even ask her if she took a page from the diary of Elaine R. Jones, Esq., the deposed NAACP Legal Defense Fund Director who resigned under valid ethics charges just a year ago See my 7 Oct. blawg for a copy of the memogate memo with Senator Kennedy's Office on that one. Teddy (and actually most of the Kennedys) and Elaine have done Great Things in this World; instilled with me a spirit and commitment for social/human services and Civil Rights. But they nor Gloria Timmons may exercise fiefdom in the battle for Human Rights.



Anonymous said...

Was the restraining order lifted? And what was your take on Judge Leary?

Good luck.

Christopher King said...

No.... not yet. Judge McLoed heard the case. He took it under advisement, which is weird considering the alleged exigency of the circumstances. But I guess exigency is of no moment in this case because Timmons didn't even remember to appear at the last hearing on this matter, in September, resulting in dismissal.

Today she had no witnesses, presented no documents and her lawyers didn't even appear to try to keep her in line.

The audio, when we post it, and podcast it, will blow you away.

His Honor studied the matter resolutely, stating that he did not proclaim to be an expert in this burgeoning field of media integrity, however one need not be an expert to see that Gloria Timmons and her family are not under any physical threat from me whatsoever.

I told His Honor "If she's got a legitimate Defamation claim against me then let her bring it."

You'll hear it all on CD, right here, as soon as the Court issues me the copy that my Constitutional Rights guarantee.