24 September 2005

Zen & Art of Construction Working

Friday and Saturday I had the pleasure of working through a temporary agency for Tim, a regional General Contractor, for a certain huge construction company at a certain construction site at a certain mall at a certain city in Connecticut. Having done landscaping and light construction (no electrical or masonry please) in the past, I recognize the opportunity to work with your hands and to meet new people is usually a Good Thing.

But what happened after I gave him my business card with my corporate logo on it, I was not prepared for:

It turns out that I just missed a racist Caucasian employee from Tennessee (my parents’ homeland, actually and the origin of my 1/16th Cherokee blood). Tim told me about this short-minded individual and bought me lunch and a coupla’ margaritas while we discussed the state of mankind and the situation up there in New Hampshire. He is an avid appreciateur of Native American culture so we discussed the Northeast Penobscot, the Iroquois, Chief Tecumseh, Casinos, and my meeting with Bill Kunstler, whom I met while clerking for Terry Gilbert in the early ‘90s. Turns out that Megan, my former fiancĂ©e (Ohio State Law '96) shown here with hubby "Jim the Mack-Daddy" ;-) was ¼ Penobscot & Irish.

Also turns out that Gilbert had worked Wounded Knee with Kuntsler back in the ‘70’s (see the MSNBC page) and is still representing a victim of goon squad malfeasance and government cover-up to this day. Gilbert introduced the Robert Redford-produced "Incident at Oglala", documenting more government malfeasance, judicial corruption, deceit and bogus extradition relative to Leonard Peltier, at the Cleveland Heights, Ohio art Cinemas where I worked in High School and undergrad. I love film, and I love my new movie..... Can't wait for the World to see it next week, right here.

But I digress: Tim was incredulous about my situation and had a few choice words for the people who are busy trying to imprison me. Then he and I went with Gary, one of his employees, down to a certain store featuring an amazing “Everything for $7 day” where I got a few fall items with what meager money I have left as a result of this bogus prosecution.

Then he offered me a job.

That my friends, is Zen.


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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the job. I hope the SAAB is paid for, grasshopper, and the movie is a hit - waiting for its release.

Ch'an fo jiao de

("follower of Zen")

You should take a look into Ali and the Dalai Lama, my brother. There are many ways, but one will.