28 September 2005

What Gloria did in Court today; missing evidence & ridiculous requests by Defendants

The Judge asked about the presence of Defamation insurance coverage for Chief Dunn and the NAACP and Gloria sits there like a two-year-old waving her finger near her temple as if to say "He's crazy." I don't know if that is any more, or less, mature than filing a bogus TRO against me and then not even showing up to Nashua District Court yesterday. Now THAT's crazy. I also busted on Chief Dunn's Attorney Charlie Bauer, the Cheshire Prosecutor and Town of Jaffrey for failing to produce the emails (seen directly above) from Willie Toney that are at once (A) exculpatory and (B) relevant to show Conspiracy pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 1985 as noted above. Her lawyers actually showed this document, which appears in my movie trailer, to the Judge in an attempt to sway his opinion.

Then the Defendants actually wanted me to limit myself to five (5) Depositions even though there are three (3) Defendants, and to post up money before I call a Depostion. See (1) & (2). Can you say NIGGARDLY??? .....


Anonymous said...

Do you think that the judge will grant the no video tape request? WHy or why not?


Christopher King said...

Well I would never second-guess what any Judge will or will not do. My opinion is that the document/video is a matter of total and open public record, and given that these pee-pole went on quasi-national TV to talk sh*t about me, turnaround should be fair play. Certainly if/when a trial comes that video under Oath we can do whatever we want to with it if the Court grants camera authority. They can sue us under False Light, right? Good luck.

I say, say it under Oath and be proud. I'll give my testimony in front of camera, dammit. Oh, I'm alreadly doing that I guess :)

Anyway, I gave a concession that the video would be used only in the courtroom but honestly I don't think there's a legal basis for that, particularly how they told millions of people false stories about me; why cannot I tell the public TRUE FACTS about them?

I rock.

But I only rock because I surround myself with brilliant peeps.