27 September 2005

Timmons a No-Show; I'm free to protest!

Nah, she didn't show up today to protect her bogus ex parte Restraining Order so the Court agreed with my motion, noted yesterday. Solid. Please note the new flier:) .... See, folks gotta rise up, stop takin' crap from the Man. If everybody did what I do, the World would be a much better place. Think about Chuck D and Public Enemy, and Eugene V. Debs, of course arrested for speaking his mind.

My film maker and I are watching the 90-second trailer; has been mass-emailed & should be up tonight chez website. A longer piece, after tomorrow's court hearing, will be up next week.

P.S. Gloria will want to review Weiss-Lawrence, Inc. v. James Talcott, 399 F. Supp 84 (D.N.H. 1975), holding that "malicious prosecution is an action begun in malice, without probable cause to believe it can succeed and which finally ends in failure."

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