20 September 2005

Suggested listening

The Cosmic Jibaros with Juan Carlos Vega on bass guitar. Just met this brother last night but look forward to working with them, frankly, from this/side of a prison cell. They write, among other things, songs about oppression. Peace.


Anonymous said...

do You play an instrument, or sing? You seem to have extensive connections with Hollywood, where is the base of you musical past?

If this movie thing hits, a lot of people are gonna be rich.

Christopher King said...

Ahhh...played violin so-so & guitar (poorly) as child. Tennis & of course tennis racket air-guitar followed as something at which I was actually good. Played varsity and still a solid 4.5 NTRP club player.

I cannot divulge my family's identity or with whom they have worked in the music/entertainment industry, but let's just say I've personally seen checks from The Boss on desk(s) of my family, but my connections are to some extent separate. I did make band dinners and play back-up (waay back up) percussion with www.cherylannhawk.net for a bit in Pittsburgh 2001, though. They were a wonderful, wonderful group, better than you'll hear from the sound clips at the website.

When you see the short film next week you'll know we got something here: The saga of a true patriot; the people who look to him for help; and the people to whom he looks for help.


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