06 September 2005

Refugees?? New Orleans = Benevolent Genocide

Homeland Security, my arse. With the sophistication in weather forecasting and the knowledge of the Level 4 coming & the substandard levees, Sidney Blumenthal will tell you they knew it was gonna happen. Who suffers? Lotsa black folks and some mostly impoverished white folks. The rich white folks and handful of wealthy blacks who own the docks, etc. are largely insured. Then they call them "refugees"....they are gosh-darned American Citizens for Crissake. See, a "refugee" flees in times of war, political oppression or religious persecution. Uh-oh....maybe they are refugees. Glad I could resolve that one. Wow.


de said...

Remember its the hurricane thats at fault

Christopher King said...

The government is not without fault, and if they admit this much (ousting FEMA director) how much more are they not telling us?