14 September 2005

Paul Robeson, Esq. v. C. King, Esq.

Robeson: Better Shakespearean actor & football player. More Communist sympathizer. Spoke 15 languages. More notable law school (Columbia). No motorcycle. Did not catch the NAACP pushing cocaine for votes and whatnot. They drove him crazy.

King: Burgeoning method actor & better tennis player. Pure Marxist, likes responsible capitalists. Motorcycle. Speaks 2 languages on a good day. Somewhat less notable law school (Case Western Reserve). Did catch the NAACP pushing cocaine for votes and whatnot... They will not drive him crazy.

"His outspoken defense of civil liberties brought him many admirers, it also made him enemies among conservatives trying to maintain the status quo....Paul Robeson was the most persecuted, the most ostracized, the most condemned black man in America, then or ever."
Bottom line: Paul Robeson didn't have a film maker. Advantage: "TKO" to King, in red, white & blue -- a true patriot.

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