20 September 2005

O Sister, Where Art Thou?

So... I served Nashua NAACP Prez Gloria Timmons with valid discovery requests on 15 July, 2005 as noted by the Sheriff (1) & (2) (my bad on the chick'n wing stains). Anyway, they were due in thirty days, or like, 35 days ago. Now her lawyers, who represent all the major media in NH, copped her a major continuance and got her 19 Sept. Deposition delayed. Gloria, I know you got a bogus Restraining Order against me, but really I want you nice and healthy, and I'll have tea and crumpets waiting for you at the law office for your video Depo. Or would you rather just a generous heaping of crow for the clear cut lies that you and VP Melanie Levesque have propagated? And let's not even get to the very exculpatory documents that your 42 U.S.C. 1985 co-conspirator Chief Dunn and his posse have failed to turn over. Those will be in the online movie next week, though. Doh!

It's like Arthur Ashe told me (in an extended interview) and many other people about John McEnroe, tennis genius: "You get a nick here, a cut there....and pretty soon you've bled to death." Come on in, Gloria and sit yourself on down, nice and vulnerable: I've got the rhetorical knife, sharp as a razor, ready for you. And it's gonna hurt you more than you can ever hurt me.

P.S. Forgot to mention that Timmons/Levesque's lawyers bought that time from the Court with the representation that they were "unable to determine" when the Discovery Requests were served. Well the gosh-danged Certificate of Service reads "I swear a true and accurate copy was served with the Civil Complaint." Read the "Discovery Requests" right here. Which would of course be back on 15 July, 2005. She's got two lawyers of record, so maybe she (or the NAACP) should spend her/their money on somebody who can read straight, n'est-ce pas? My buddy screamed out: "that's an ethical problem....candor toward the tribunal!!!" He's probably right, but just see how far my ethics complaint would fly -- just like in Ohio when that creep Louis Alcade actually assaulted me. But we're gonna talk about it at next week's scheduling conference, that's for certain. Gonna file a notice to the Court, dang-it.

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