04 September 2005

NAACP 'Unethical,' lawyer resigned

The reason I had to subpoena "Interim Counsel" Angela Ciccola (see 2 Sep't below) is because the last counsel, Elaine R. Jones, resigned under a hail of ethics charges. I mean dig this. Now they want to go after me for my ethics? Instead they better tell Chief Dunn the truth and bring me a wheelbarrow full of money for defaming my black ass; forced me to resign as partner from my own educational non-profit because of this bogus indictment. Screw the lot of you.

Also, asks Ward Connerly, How can a group like this survive? Or, more importantly, why should a group like this survive?.....When was the last time that the NAACP has done anything for "poor communities" in the U.S.?


Anonymous said...

So is your defense that the NAACP made the demand for 65K and that you were merely a pawn acting on their behalf? Sounds like we need to be very careful about who you work with.

So was Jaffrey wrong for the indightment, or did they indight the wrong person?

Christopher King said...

Nobody should have been indicted because I did nothing wrong. Jaffrey police may have done something wrong. NAACP says that I used letterhead without their permission but the documents on my website and Mr. Ferguson's affidavit prove otherwise. They just didn't want to ruffle feathers out here in NH so they threw me under the bus. Funny you mention it, but if what I did was wrong, I say indict the whole chapter as I mentioned on 12 Aug. Peace.