13 September 2005

NAACP Dodges Discovery (Again)

Pic: 1997 Martin Luther King Day Columbus Schools role model and pioneering Civil Rights Attorney.

Well folks according to court personnel today, the Hillsborough County Superior Court, through Judge Hicks, ruled:

A) Gloria Timmons does not have to attend her Deposition, even though her attorneys have had several weeks to prepare, and even though I have made it clear that it is part of my litigation strategy to get this liar into my choice of law office to make her start talking Under Oath, sooner than later. Read the Discovery Requests on my website on the first page they read as follows:
Plaintiff will not concede to any requests for extension of time by any Defendant.
Was something unclear about that? This is a serious Due Process issue. After all, she and Co-Defendant Levesque had six (6) months to conspire with Co-Defendant Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn to drum up the bogus "Attempted Felony Extortion" indictment against me for my lawful, protected conduct of threatening a press conference [See State v. Weinstein 898 P.2d 513, (1995)], so what is her aversion to speaking up now, this time before me and my inquiring mind, instead of before a TV station (WMUR) for whom her lawyers serve as "lead counsel?" Now they can take her out to the woodshed and coach her liar-head real good before I light her up like a ten-cent firecracker at her Deposition. But that delay the Court helped her out with is gonna be All Good for me: This time I'll do it via video deposition, so there you go. She'll lose composure, for sure. You'll see the sweat coming out from under her arms, totally. We'll show her this NAACP story from one of the WMUR affiliate stations first, though to get her in the mood.

B) the NAACP does not have to produce documents related to an event where their own press release concretely shows that an NAACP president made the same alleged mistake that I made in using NAACP letterhead without CEO approval to protect not an innocent "loitering suspect" but instead a convicted murderer. Hmmmm.... It will be interesting at trial if I am not even allowed to inquire of this issue. But that's how they used to screw me in Columbus, Ohio -- all the time. More on that (and this fiasco) in the upcoming movie and spoken word tour.

C) Defense Counsel for Chief Dunn does not have to remove himself from this case, even though he is clearly a material witness, as noted in the blog entries of 8 and 9 September, and my motion, at (1) & (2).

The Court ruled without requiring opposing counsel to answer.

Lastly, what about the voter fraud/crack cocaine issue involving NAACP volunteers? I can't even see where they charged the drug-pushing liar with anything, despite having an extensive criminal record, which I most certainly do not have. Faux registration names like "Mary Poppins. Dick Tracy. Michael Jackson. Michael Jordan." It's unreal. Shouldn't they be concerned about real criminals like her? Oh, but I digress: Those of us who challenge the system are apparently the real criminals yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a bad attorney - will your suit be dismissed?

Christopher King said...

Well the attorney (for now) is me, and I'm quite good, actually. Dismissal? I would hope not. I have a clear-cut case against them and mountains of evidence to assure that I should get Summary Judgment, even.

But then as the movie and book will show, being correct means nothing when the system is busy protecting corporate liars like the NAACP who engage in (1) peddling crack cocaine for votes in Ohio, (2) begging Teddy Kennedy to withhold judicial confirmation votes for Sixth Circuit judicial appointments, and (3) blatantly lying about whether I informed them of (a) my suspension from practice in Ohio -- That NAACP Veterans Chair Cleaven Ferguson swore that I did mention, and (b) my movements and initiatives in the Jaffrey matter, including the $65K demand letter.

It all goes in the movie & book, so I'll fix their wagon in the Long Run either way.