17 September 2005

NAACP and witness tampering

Witness tampering will not work with NAACP local Veterans' Chair Cleaven Ferguson. He calls things as he sees them, fairly. He wrote an affidavit in support of me and testified at a recent session on courts and has been published in the Nashua Telegraph. And he will tell the truth at my Criminal and Civil trials, dang it. That's why NAACP local Prez Gloria Timmons tried in vain to get him to change his story, but he didn't notarize bupkus for her, or for Chief Dunn (note: Civil Defendant Dunn) who conspired with Civil Defendants Timmons and local Veep Melanie Levesque to get a bogus indictment against me for "Attempted Felony Extortion," just after he wrote to several third parties that " [King] is obviously a disturbed individual with fantasies about [his] past accomplishments...." As such, Timmons' activity could be called witness tampering, for sure. Perhaps I should, like, report it to Chief Dunn for vigorous enforcement, yeah right that's a thigh-slapper for certain.

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