30 September 2005

Melanie: To what "Agenda" do you refer???

So Nashua NAACP Veep (& Defamation Defendant) Melanie Levesque says I shouldn't drag the NAACP due to "[My] agenda." (1) & (2) . Well precisely what "agenda" is that? Helping the little people? Whom to trust, she or me:

Well let me help you once. Her email says take me and other "non-applicable" people off the distribution list, but then she's the very mouthpiece for President Timmons, issuing lies about me on TV as seen in my video trailer; click here to download.

Well let me help you again: Defendant Levesque has actually said that "The NAACP does not sue, or threaten to sue, any party." Well you better look here, and here, for the real Truth to that statement.

And I will help you one more time: Gloria Timmons threatened me on two (2) distinct occasions when I tried to provide her proof, such as these U.S. Mail receipts to Boston President Leonard a/k/a "Lenny" Alkins, that I did indeed inform Nashua, Boston and National NAACP about my suspension issue in Ohio, which, wrote noted Civil Rights/Employment Attorney, Tenured Law Professor, appointed Court Monitor and subsequent friend Louis A. Jacobs, Esq: "involved issues of racism, ignorance and reactionary politics."

And Defendant Timmons knew I was suspended because I came to her to obtain employment through the NH Dep't of Employment Security (1) & (2) . Why else would I need her help to get a job? If you are an unsuspended attorney you can pick up work anywhere; I even routinely got work until I got blacklisted soon after I sued "Babylon Energy," resulting in a $300K D.O.L. Overtime payout, but that's another movie; been there done that.

Caught helping again: Levesque said the NAACP was "duped" and "really had no idea what I was doing." But wait a minute. Read the official minutes and my Legal Report that was submitted, clearly mentioning the $65K Demand Letter for Willie Toney's abuse at the hands of the Law. She was sitting right across from my narrow black ass the whole time.

So.....still confused? Read Veterans' Chair Cleaven Ferguson's Affidavit .

Besides, my conduct has long been ruled protected under the U.S. Constitution in State v. Weinstein, 898 P.2d 513 (1995) , the sort of case I was well aware of prior to issuing the Demand Letter to Jaffrey Police.

So more online and in-Court Affidavits and emails about Defendant Timmons are forthcoming. Gloria: As soon as I receive that Court Order you will receive a Notice for Deposition, and I will still bring the tea & crumpets.