23 September 2005

King visits the Dalai Lama; Toney faxes Jaffrey Police report

My sources inform me of a rare opportunity to experience the Dalai Lama at Rutgers this Sunday. I would not miss him for the World. I will be there, inobtrusively learning and informing. I've always been more Zen practitioner spiritually, while giving equal measure respect and disdain for organized religion and the pains and suffering that it brings.

My certified question for him reads:
I am under indictment for Attempted Felony Extortion and potentially face prison time for vigorously defending the rights of a man whom I believe was wrongfully arrested, faced drawn police weapons and was body cavity searched.... What is the best tool for me to show compassion for people who have placed me in this situation, who have shown outright contempt for me and my career as a Civil Rights lawyer and activist?
I hereby ask that Chief Dunn and Defendants Timmons and Levesque email me to join me at this event, move on past our differences, and calculate the damages to Willie Toney and to my reputation that you all have caused by lying about me and the police abuse of Willie Toney who was properly and promptly acquitted of "loitering" charges the minute he told Judge Lawrence that he had to bend over and cough:

Toney faxed me the police reports that are about to be scanned that conclusively show that all three (3) weapons were drawn, that they "double-locked his handcuffs," that he was on the ground, that Toney said he was merely urinating behind the Sanel Auto Parts Store while waiting for his roomate's girlfriend to get off work, that the area did not contain any contraband or weapons (the "small knife" was the smallest issue Swiss Army multi-tool) and that Toney was "completely searched to include his underwear" (i.e. body cavity searched). He provided a valid name, Fabion Jackson, for the police to search an old arrest file when asked if he had ever been arrested. See (1) & (2) & (3) .

Mr. Toney's position, and my position, will be vindicated, and the substance of the NAACP Demand Letter I wrote is certainly reasonable by any and all measure and no indictment should have issued. See (1) & (2) .

Remember, as I have stated before on this blog, in the words of the Dalai Lama himself:

Great Love and Great Achievement require Great Risk.

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