18 September 2005

I will (legally) haunt the NAACP

They told blatant lies about me, causing me to be indicted for "Attempted Felony Extortion," when all I've ever done was lawfully care about Civil Rights in 1985, in 1992, in 1998, and now. So everywhere NAACP Pres. Timmons or Veep Melanie "NAACP doesn't sue anybody" Levesque go using their NAACP status, my crew or I are subject to be there, disseminating the Truth (such as their own President making the same alleged mistake with letterhead use that I made) in opposition to the lies they told about me to millions of viewers through media sources that "happen" to be represented by their current counsel. I can do this because Courts are taking a dim view of unlawful prior restraint these days: Check here, and scroll down here for Doe v. Gonzales, 2005 WL 2179634, (Conn 9 Sept. 2005) and also check out Balboa Island Village Inn. v. Lemen, Cal. 4th Dist. 6031636 (Aug. 11, 2004), in which a guy who was proven to have made false and defamatory statements was still allowed to continue his protesting. All of my statements about Timmons and Levesque are either (a) true (b) parody or (c) opinion. I told them I was gonna give them a lesson in First Amendment Law, and I give what I promise -- with moral "conviction," only. Have a nice day, ladies.

P.S. The last corporate jackass, ("Babylon Energy") to obtain a bogus ex parte restraining order against me ended up paying $300K to the Department of Labor, nearly $100K in settlements, and Gosh knows how much in legal fees.


Anonymous said...

More video! You're boring us out here Chris!

And is it now BMW? Have you turned your back on the SAAB nation?

Don't give up the fight.

Christopher King said...

Ask and ye shall receive! New video coming by 26 Sept.

That bimmer photo is from '98-99. I still have the white 900T Conv. and the FZ 750 Yamahahaha. And I still want a 99Turbo, but would rather have another 2002tii -- a '72/'73 this time. Pax.

bardseyeview said...

Nice to see principled opposition to a former civil rights organization that has disgraced its proud legacy. Good on you (as they say in Australia - not that I'm from there).

Christopher King said...

Thank you. It is extremely hurtful (to me and to the World) how the NAACP and Jaffrey are being, but I am buoyed by the upcoming visit from the Dalai Lama. If they actually take me up on my invite I will find a hat somewhere and eat it, though :(