05 September 2005

False "extortion" claim = lawsuit

First see Nolan v. Campbell, which awarded Plaintiff $78K without any television/newspaper mass media distribution of lies or the bogus criminal indictments that I face... Then think about Sprague v. Walter, 441 Pa. Super 1, 1995, affirming $2.5M compensatory damages, referring back for remand on $31.5M punitive damages. I will take Chief Dunn, Defendant Timmons and Defendant Levesque right down that trail because they all deserve every inch of it. And Defendant Chief Dunn issued his comments and sought his indictment of me with actual malice because he wrote in his 8 March email to me and a bunch of NAACP members "You are obviously a disturbed individual with fantasies about your past accomplishments." What a class, objective individual he is, right? And where pray tell, did he 'cop' a medical degree? See 23 June blog.

Then just ask Arsenio Hall, who accused the Beverly Hills NAACP Prez of extortion: Edwards v. Hall, 234 Cal.App.3d 886, 1991 for this analysis:

In public figure defamation case, television personality's references to head of local civil rights organization as an "extortionist," were actionable.
Protection for freedom of speech under California Constitution, which was alleged to be broader than that provided under Federal Constitution, did not prevent allegedly false statements regarding allegedly extortionate statement by head of local civil rights agency to television talk show host from being actionable in public figure defamation case. U.S.C.A. Const.Amend. 1; West's Ann.Cal. Const. Art. 1, § 2(a).

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