22 September 2005

Doin' 'The Nasty' in Public....

I have notified NAACP President Gloria Timmons' employer, the NH Dep't of Job Security (whom she recently sued for racial discrimination), and Vice Prez Melanie Levesque's 20 Oct. education forum host, the New Hampshire Higher Education Foundation (NHHEAF) all about their lies. Now I am personally emailing the online alumni & Board of Directors of Hawken School, across the entire Free World, to notify them of the lies, missing evidence and First Amendment oppression I am facing from the NAACP and NH area police and prosecutors.

Turnaround is Fair Play: They went on regional media owned by companies that their lawyers represent, and clearly & demonstrably lied about me. So gosh-dangit, I'm gonna go on international media and demonstrably tell the truth about them. It's simple, right? And Fair Play is the motto of Hawken School, as noted in this summer's feature article on me. I am clearly a Man of my (figurative) convictions. So let's just see where Melanie and Gloria come out --- Whenever their lawyers get done shielding them from my Depostion and Discovery Demands, and when they get done tampering with witnesses, that is (see 17 and 20 Sept. entries).

P.S. The movie, coming to my website and beyond, in the next few days, has two titles: "American Lawyer: Christopher King is a Coconut-Head Racist," (see 6 August "Hate Mail" Entry), and alternatively, "American Lawyer: True Stories of the NAACP." Now how's that for a public shagging... NAACP: You should have made Love, not War. Peace.

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